Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Get rid of Eczema

Get eczema treatment

To start with the term Eczema is mostly known disease among the people in the world.  By medical science it means “Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that commonly starts during infancy and continues through into childhood. Some people outgrow the condition while some people will continue to have it into adulthood” by the University of Chicago.

Its little bit tough to understand for someone about the medical definition. But as an author it’s my duty to make it simple for the readers.  Generally Eczema means a skin disease in human body.  It’s a common skin condition including skin dryness, rashes, redness of skin, itching, crusting, flaking, cracking, even bleeding. Most of the time these skin diseases starts in childhood & continue to adulthood.

Some Symptoms of Eczema

Sign or symptoms depend on the age group. It appears in various look in different age.  Some common signs are following:

Adult Eczema
  • ·         A rash generally appears on cheeks & scalps among the infants.
  • ·         Rashes’ signs appear on necks, elbows, wrists, ankles, knees & legs among the children’s.
  • ·         Its can become bumpy, can become lighten or darker in color overtime.
  • ·         In adults body rashes cover the whole body.
Baby Eczema

  • ·         It’s making skin dry.
  • ·         Rash can be permanently itchy.
  • ·         Its lead to skin infection.
  • ·         Rash’s can make scaly skins more than children.

Get rid of Eczema

Yes it’s a chronic disease. But it can be reduce with proper treatment. First it needs to be diagnosed by doctor. Take medicines & care of skins especially for the babies.  Mainly it can be treated by 2 way Medicine & Naturally. These are following:

Medicines or Drugs

·         Aclovate cream is used for Eczema treatment.
·         Anucort-HC is another cream, ointment or suppository.
·         Cloderm is helps to reduce Eczema from body. Generally its steroid.

·         Deltasone generally its available in syrup or tablet.
·         Dexamethasone Intensol  it’s a steroid used to treat Eczema.

Natural Treatment
Natural Treatment
  • ·         Coconut Oil is most helpful for Eczema natural remedies.
  • ·         Another treatment can be done by Jojoba Oil. It helps to turn smooth skin from a dry skin.
  • ·         Wear non-irritating cloths which are causes for Eczema.
Coconut Oil
  • ·         Use non-irritating shampoos, gels or Soaps.
  • ·         Take supplements with fish oils like Cod Liver Oil.

Avoid Soap

  • ·         Take Green, Black or Oolong Tea.
  • Keep House Clean
Oolong Tea
  • ·         Take Honey in deserts or with Tea.
  • ·         Avoid Dairy products.

Finally I want to clear that it’s a chronic disease. But it can be treated easily by medicine or natural way. It’s become very terrible for infants or children. Parents should be more aware of its symptoms & solutions for the kid’s.

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